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The chemise and other garments had been adorned with embroidery, insets of pink calico, braiding, ribbons, and galloon. The ornament to a large extent determined the colour and rhythm of the costume. Throughout Russia, ladies wore bands or wreaths on their head, and married women wore the soroka with kichka or the kokoshnik to utterly cowl the hair. The principal female garments in most European international locations had been a white chemise, a brief bodice, extensive skirts, and an apron. The bodice had shoulder straps or, sometimes, sleeves, as well as lacing in entrance or in again .

In some international locations a number of of those skirts were worn on the similar time. The apron constituted the brightest, most ornamental, and most festive article of clothes. This female costume, which developed beneath the affect of free-falling urban clothes , was marked by a refined and exact silhouette.

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Women’s clothes in savanna zones consists of lengthy attire of assorted sorts. The nationwide costumes of the peoples of the Northern Caucasus and Transcaucasia have much in common in minimize. A characteristic part of the lads’s costume is the lengthy, unfastened cherkeska , which is nipped at the waist and is usually collarless. Women’s national dress among the many Georgians, Kabardinians, Cherkess, Ossetians, and different peoples consists of a dress with a slim bodice and a large skirt, which provides the determine a graceful line. In accordance with nationwide tastes, the clothes of the peoples of the Caucasus is embellished with metal spangles, gold and silver thread, and galloon and braiding of steel, silk, and woolen threads.

In many areas of Africa, masculine apparel consists of extensive trousers and a long, tunic-like shirt . The material of the shirt falls both in soft, free folds or in giant, rigid planes.

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Russian clothing shared components with the costume of different Slavic peoples, yet it had numerous distinctive options. Masculine apparel consisted of a rubakha-kosovorotka , which was typically decorated with embroidery on the collar and hem. The shirt hung over rather narrow trousers and was gathered at the waist. Southern Russian and northern Russian female attire had their very own regional features. The costume of southern Russian areas consisted of a chemise and a poneva . The feminine apparel of northern Russia consisted of a chemise and a sarafan that had a slender silhouette and flared out towards the bottom.

  • The important position of the businessman in bourgeois society influenced masculine attire in the course of the nineteenth century.
  • A tailcoat, worn with light-coloured pants and a waistcoat, served as on a regular basis clothes.
  • In the first half of the century, the costume worn by businessmen was made from woolen fabrics and was restrained in colour.
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