The year 2020 was terrible. With the new sunshine, we hope to see a better year in 2021. The fashion trends that became popular in the last year are expected to remain in 2021 with the same popularity level. wishes everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead with 6Th Street Coupon. This is time to shop and order the best fashion trends. You will need certain details on the running trends but we are going to show the weirdest fashion and style trends to try. These trends are from the 2020 but you can give them a try in 2021.

Midriff Flossing:

This is a new term that entered in the fashion industry. This trend is simple to choose because all you need is a skirt with a wrap around your waist. This wrap should cover the waist while highlighting the torso. Several celebs especially Emily Ratajkowski tried this trend in 2020.

Fluffy Sandals:

Fluffy dresses look cute and attractive. However, we would like to say “Thanks” to die-hard stylists who introduced fluffy sandals in 2020. These sandals are cute but seductive. See the Katie Holms Instagram profile to find the beauty of these fluffy sandals.

Men in Cardigans:

It sounds strange but it is true. Cardigans are now available for men. Men should grab 6Th Street Coupon from in order to order the manly cardigans from 6TH street. Several famous celebs such as David Beckham endorsed this style.

Pillow Challenge:

Pillow challenge became popular in 2020. We don’t expect any change in the popularity of this weird fashion. Find the Instagram images of H. Berry and Ellis Ross in order to see this wonderful fashion trend.

Wellington Boots:

The fashion stores always offer big discounts on fashion boots and shoes. Thanks to the 6Th Street Coupon because it lets stylish women wear the wellington boots. These are superb and colorful. You will forget Prada and other leading shoe brands after trying the wellington boots.

Wacky Headwear:

 Do you like a wacky appearance? Believe us or not but the wacky headwear was famous in 2020. These classic headwears were designed by the famous designer Sarah Sokol. There are several variants of this headwear such as the Medusa Embellished Cowboy Hat.

Out-there Facemask:

Weather you wear something or not, a facemask was the most important item to have in the 2020. The pandemic made it compulsory with daily outfit. Thanks to the fashion designers who brought some interesting ideas to cover the face. British Vogue and designers such as Nicole Formichetti endorsed the Out-there facemask.  


The crocs are among the top trends for men in 2020. We expect that men will continue with this comfortable and easy trend. However, the crocs are weird for men but majority of the fashion designers liked the idea.

Visible Thongs:

This looks sexy but it is weird. Visible thongs were a famous trend. endorsed 6Th Street Coupon on lingerie and underwear collections. This enabled the girls to have multiple alternatives of visible thongs.

By Kratos