Complete Discussion About World Markets Broker For Trading

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Founded in 2003, World Markets is an online retail broker that started as a platform that allowed investors to trade gold and silver bullion in both physical and digital forms. It has since grown, giving investors the ability to trade stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities.

What Can Trader Do With World Markets?

World Markets’ business started with its core physical and digital precious metals trading platform. With more than 40 years of experience facilitating gold and silver trading, he has considerable expertise in facilitating precious metals trading.

World Markets also gives users the ability to trade other types of precious metals, including platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper. Other offerings contain oil, all-natural gas, cotton, sugar, stocks, cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin), and fiat currency pairs.

World Markets offers three different types of trading accounts: standalone trading, artificial intelligence-powered trading, and cryptocurrency trading (through World Markets’ relationship with BitMex). In promoting their AI-powered trading tools, World Markets notes that they can scan “thousands of potential trades in a matter of seconds to determine the lowest risk opportunity available. Brokers Have a Wide Range of Bonuses that traders can earn, Read More about Brokers with welcome bonuses 2022.

What CryptoCurrency Pairs Can Be Traded? has a partnership with BitMEX as its cryptocurrency exchange of choice. Cryptocurrencies eligible to trade through the BitMEX partnership include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Qtum, Monero, Ripple, Tezos, and Zcash.

That said, Bitcoin is the underlying cryptocurrency of the exchange, which thus affects the offering of its counterparts. Profit or loss on a trade, regardless of which fiat currency or cryptocurrency makes up a particular pair, is also always calculated in Bitcoin.

The following is a list of cryptocurrency and fiat currency pairs offered through the BitMEX partnership:

·         BTC/USD

·         BTC / ETH

·         BTC / ABA

·         ETH / USD

·         XRP/USD

·         LTC/BTC

·         BTC/EOS

·         BTC/TRX

·         BTC/BCH

·         BTC / XRP

What Device Can Trader Use For World Markets?

World Markets offers both web and mobile-based platforms for trading. This means you can use it on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and run it on all the most popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

How Easy Is It To Use World Markets?

According to Previous Users, World Markets Is Relatively Easy To Use. It is designed intuitively, allowing novice traders to make their first trades without major problems or delays. Its mobile platform is no more complicated than its web-based platform, so traders who like to trade on the go will not face any complications.

Beyond its easy-to-use platform, it also features a robust education section that delves into a multitude of topics. On this site, you will find videos explaining the basics of Forex Education, Fibonacci, Candlesticks, Chart Formation Patterns, Forex Indicators, Time in Forex, MetaTrader4, and Cryptocurrencies. The web site also offers daily economic news reports on its trading dashboard, assisting you stay as much as date with the most current industry news.

World Markets Customer Service

We asked the customer service department a few questions via a link on their site. The site promises to send replies to any inquiries within one to two hours. The response time, in this case, was about an hour, true to the promise.

User reviews paint a similarly strong picture of World Market’s customer service, noting fast response times and satisfactory answers to user questions. Client assistance is readily available 24 hours a day, five days per week, a popular common amongst trading platforms.

Additional Features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading accounts – Not many of these around. So having options is already impressive! If you choose an AI account at World Markets, you have three options:

Trial Account – This level demands a minimum deposit of €2,500. This allows you to trial the site’s AI trading tools for 30 days, after which you are prompted to upgrade your account if you wish to continue using the tool.

Standard account – To unlock this account, you need to make a minimum deposit of €5,000. Having a standard account, you get full access to AI Trading on all instruments. You will pay a Performance Fee (meaning you keep 80% of the profits on winning trades, with World Markets maintaining 20%) or a 1% Annual Management Fee. You pay no deposit or withdrawal fees other than credit card transactions. You can make monthly withdrawals. And no spread/pip markup.

Premier Gold Account – To open this account, you need to make a minimum deposit of €25,000. With a gold premiere account, you get exclusive access to the Beta System. You pay a 10% Performance Fee, without the Annual Management Fee. You also get discounts on gold and silver bullion products, free vault, free crypto hardware wallet, conference call access, investor conference invites, affiliate bonuses, and weekend customer support.