Metabolism is a term that describes a whole series of chemical reactions in the body. This chemical reaction will maintain and help the body to be able to carry out all activities properly. However, the term metabolism is often changed to the rate of metabolism or the number of calories burned in the body. The higher the metabolic rate, the more calories burned, and the easier it will be to lose weight and maintain weight. Having a high metabolism has also been linked to increased energy supply to the body and helps it feel better. Here are some easy ways to increase the body’s metabolic system.

How to Increase Metabolism

Consume Lots of Protein

Every time the body gets food intake, the body’s metabolic system will increase for several hours. This condition is caused by the extra calories needed to digest, absorb, and process the nutrients in food. Various studies have shown that protein can help the body maintain a sense of fullness and prevent it from consuming a lot of food. Consuming high amounts of protein can also overcome the problem of a decrease in the body’s metabolic system which is often associated with an increase in the amount of fat. This occurs due to reduced muscle mass due to the side effects of diet.

Drink More Cold Water

Most studies have shown that groups of people who drink plain water are more successful at losing weight and maintaining weight than groups of people who drink sugary drinks. This is because sugary drinks have several calories, so replacing sugary drinks with plain water drinks can reduce calorie intake. The researchers also found that drinking plain drinking water was able to increase the body’s metabolic system over time.

Consume green tea extract

Green tea extract can increase the body’s metabolic system by about 4-5{d73c6f00b1742f04887365c9c3de8250eaadd43f55f3ebaadd5aadd60b01ed8d}. Research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explains that green tea extract can increase fat burning by 10-17{d73c6f00b1742f04887365c9c3de8250eaadd43f55f3ebaadd5aadd60b01ed8d}. Green tea extract also has low-calorie content, so it has the potential to be very good in the process of losing weight and maintaining weight. Currently, green tea extract is widely used as a weight-loss supplement, one of which is the nutravesta proven pill supplement. This supplement contains natural ingredients that can increase the body’s metabolism and flush out toxins. For those of you who want to buy this Nutravesta proven pill, you can buy it online at


Making a few changes to your lifestyle and incorporating some of the above methods into your routine will be able to increase the body’s metabolic system which has been down. Having a high body metabolic system will be able to help you lose weight and maintain it, besides that a high metabolic system will also be able to help supply more energy to the body.

By Kratos