It is said that first impressions matter a lot. Many of us judge a person’s look merely three minutes of our meeting with them. Our opinions, on the person’s appearance, goes a long way in determining our perspective of that individual. If it takes three minutes to make a good impression on your viewer, then it is expedient that time and effort is spent on looking good. It is to look stunning that make many women browse through fashion stores like Shein. You may read through Shein reviews here, and perhaps, like a host of other women, purchase from them.

However, you should know that fashion is never complete without accessories—an accessory is anything you wear other than your clothes—of different types and shades of colour. You tend to draw more people to you with an excellent accessory. People want to appreciate the bag, wristwatch, necklace, heels, shoes, cufflinks, et cetera that you have. It is, therefore, we believe, bad manners to rob them of this opportunity.

Accessories improve the effect of the clothes you wear. Your sense of style and trending fashion determines the success of the accessory you choose to wear. Some accessories are fashion season accessories, while others have relevance long after tossing out the trending fashion society.

Check out some fashion tips to impress a man

All women would love to look cute when they are with a guy. They want to remain memorable, but this task can be challenging. You do not want to be underdressed or overdressed. Some fashion outfit ideas you should try are;

Sweater and legging combo

It is not every time you show skin to attract a guy’s attention. This look would attract a guy any day. Finish the look with a pair of riding boots, and perhaps, a scarf to leave a lasting memory. This outfit is perfect for cold days as you are assured of warmth and a man’s attention.


Dresses are an all-time favourite. A simple black dress with sneakers, flats, or heels can attract any guy’s attention. It is perfect for a sunny day. You can also try a gorgeous, flowing floral gown that accentuates your curves and show a little skin. A pair of flats are perfect for this outfit.

Crop top

A crop top shows just the exact amount of skin to make a man swoon. When worn with the right fittings, it passes off as stylish and trendy.

T-shirts and jeans

You can never go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans. They give you a chic and casual look while making you very attractive. You can pair this outfit with heels or a pair of sneakers.

Button-down blouse and a skirt

Start this look with a sleek button-down shirt and a mini or pencil skirt. Heels are the best accessories to go with this hot look.

There are other fashion outfit options you can try, especially if you are going on a date. If you would engage in some online fashion shopping, it is essential to read the online fashion shops’ reviewsto not end up frustrated and disappointed at the clothes you ordered.

By Kratos