Matching your moissanite ring and wedding band can be a big choice when it comes to wedding jewellery. Here are some pointers to help you match these two pieces:

Consider your engagement ring style: The style of your engagement ring can be a wonderful starting point for selecting your wedding band. For example, if your engagement ring is a classic solitaire, you may want to complement it with a simple, traditional wedding band.

Metal to metal: Matching the metal of your engagement and wedding rings can help to create a unified and harmonious appearance. If your engagement ring is platinum, for example, you may want to complement it with a platinum wedding band.

Consider the shape: The shape of your engagement band can have an impact on the style of your wedding ring. If your engagement ring is an unusual shape, consider a wedding ring that matches it, such as a curved band that fits around the engagement ring.

Take a look at the width: The width of your wedding ring can also have an impact on the general appearance. If your engagement ring has a wide band, a wider wedding ring may be appropriate to balance the appearance. A thinner wedding ring may be a better match if your engagement ring has a delicate band.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various styles of wedding rings to see what looks best with your engagement ring. You might discover that a style you hadn’t considered before ideally complements your engagement ring.

Search for coordinating sets: Some engagement rings include a matching wedding band that is intended to complement the engagement ring. This can be a wonderful option if you want a seamless and coordinated look.

Add some contrast: If you prefer a more eclectic look, choose a separate metal or stone for your engagement ring and wedding ring. For example, a rose gold wedding band could be used to compliment a white gold engagement ring, or a diamond-studded wedding band could be used to add sparkle to a simple solitaire engagement ring.

Consider a custom design: If you can’t find a wedding band to match your engagement ring, you could have a custom wedding ring made. A jeweller can assist you in designing a wedding ring that complements your engagement ring and represents your personal style and preferences.

Consider how the rings will wear: When selecting an engagement ring, it’s critical to consider how the rings will wear over time. If you live an active lifestyle or work with your hands, a more durable wedding band that can endure wear and tear may be a better choice.

The most essential thing to remember is that your engagement and wedding rings reflect your love and commitment to each other. Choose rings that make you happy and that you will be pleased to wear for the rest of your life.

By Kratos