This type of merchandise for Business Promotion

Knowing things about merchandise not a gift, it’s different between those two. Not a few brands use merchandise as a medium for advertising and promotion. You do this by placing a logo or brand name on the merchandise, then giving it to the public for free, or making it a gifts and premium stuff.

The following types of merchandise:

1. T-shirt or T-Shirt

T-shirt is a type of clothing that is generally used by many people and is not limited to gender. All circles of society, from small children to adults, can definitely use this type of clothing when carrying out daily activities both inside and outside the home.

Because of this function, t-shirts can be the perfect form of merchandise that companies or brands can choose. In addition, making t-shirts as promotional media is also very simple, namely by adding pictures or writing on the front or back. The type of t-shirt chosen can be a T-shirt or polo shirt with all sizes.

Try to provide a unique and good design so that the logo or writing can attract people’s attention to see it. With an attractive design, the recipients of this merchandise will definitely not hesitate to use it when they are on the move or doing their daily activities.

2. Bag, Goodie Bag, Paper Bag, or Tote Bag

Similar to t-shirts, bags are also included as items that are generally used in people’s daily lives. For example, tote bags are included as one of the fashion products that are quite popular among young people today.

Because the potential for use is high, these types of products can certainly be used as merchandise as well as promotional media. Several other types of bags that are suitable as gifts to customers or consumers as well as advertising media are goodie bags, paper bags, and shopping bags.

3. Mug or Glass

Mugs or glasses are also popularly used as coffee shop merchandise by many coffee shop and business brands. Whether it’s made of ceramic or stainless steel, mugs or glasses will certainly be items that are always used every day.