The latter category of gems might look sturdy, however Lampley Berens cautions consumers to not be fooled by appearances and to treat them gently. Handled improperly, these stones can change colors and become uninteresting, “so [it’s essential to know] what the stone is and actually what the supplies are, so you know how to care for it,” Lampley Berens says. Austin-based Bell and Bird carefully sources and curates 18th- and 19th-century jewelry, from Edwardian old mine-cut diamond rings to colourful Victorian brooches, which are all viewable and purchasable by way of its web site.

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The ratchet effect of every successive contract negotiation means that Botswanan governments will now have even higher control of the diamonds found in the nation. De Beers consequently has fewer diamonds for its shopper base, both internationally and regionally in Botswana. From an outsider’s perspective, the partnership between De Beers and Botswana appeared to be crumbling after more than 50 years of collaboration. The media protection and political rhetoric from certain quarters hinted at a possible collapse of the partnership. Factors corresponding to these point out doubtlessly weaker short-term consumer confidence and negativity for future diamond acquisition by the mass markets.

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