9 Tips to Look Good in your Marriage Photos

Although the photographer will know exactly how to capture the wedding ring exchange or highlight the details of the wedding dress, the wedding report is ultimately a joint effort between the professional and the couple.

Hence, it is essential to know the photographer in advance and trust him, although best photographers in Lahore also helps to handle some tricks, such as defining the best profile or knowing which hand suits them best to toast with the wedding glasses. If you want to dazzle in your wedding photos, write down these tips!

1. Rehearse at Home

Just as they will rehearse the reading of vows with beautiful love phrases or the speech of the newlyweds, it is also recommended that they rehearse the photos and look at each other in front of a mirror as if they were posing before the camera. This way they will be able to find their best angles, such as the look and smile that best suit them, at the same time that they will loosen up and discover different poses. Also, take advantage of the costume fittings to practice.

2. Positive Attitude

Once the big day has arrived, the most important thing is that they realize that there will be many photos for which they will have to pose and many others that will be taken without them noticing, alone and with the guests. And in the face of that, the best thing will be to maintain a positive attitude, always ready and pose for each happy photo, from the arrival at the church, to the cutting of the wedding cake in the final hours.

3. Correct Posture

Although the ideal is to look relaxed, for the photos that are posed, the idea is not to neglect the posture and, in this regard, experts recommend keeping the back straight and straight, with the shoulders tilted slightly back, but without putting too much tension . To achieve this, it also helps to hold a deep and relaxed breath, in addition to keeping the neck straight at all times.

Otherwise, after a few minutes of being photographed standing, they will soon start taking poses that will curve their back or drop their shoulders a bit. Also, it is preferable to avoid the front position in front of the camera and to position yourself at an angle.

4. Be Careful with your Arms

Another key to looking good is to avoid hanging your arms, as well as being fully extended or overly bent. It is best to give them a function or a point of support, keeping them slightly off the body so that the torso of the groom and the waist of the bride can be distinguished. However, if you have a hard time bending your arms in a gentle and natural way, pose showing the gold rings, for example, with one hand in your pocket, the groom or holding the bouquet of flowers, the bride.

5. Look and Smile

It is not advisable to look directly at the camera, unless the professional asks for it. And it is that the glances directed towards the couple or the environment will give the feeling that there is no photographer involved and, therefore, the image will look more natural. Now, if the photo will be a pose towards the camera, the secret is to narrow or squint the eyes very slightly, so that the gaze acquires intensity.

And with regard to the smile, they should look for a soft gesture that does not feel forced. Of course, as the muscles of the face also get tired; take small pauses from time to time to rest from the flashes.

6. Photos with Movement

They should not associate the pose with being still as a statue, since it is also possible to pose in motion by performing some action, for example, walking through the grass. This style of photo helps a lot to avoid stiffness and forced postures, although they must also control their back and find the most appropriate movement according to the type of image they want to achieve. They will see that the fluidity will carry over in these postcards.

7. Hair and Makeup Retouch

If the day will be long, try to keep the stylist close, if they will hire his services, or have a kit with basic hairdressing and makeup products on hand, either to eliminate shine or a spray, for example, to give it extra fixation. To the collected hairstyle that will not be the same after a few hours. These are details that will be appreciated in the photos. Now, regarding the most suitable makeup to pose with flash in wedding photography, your stylist will guide you beforehand so that you do not have any problems.

8. Sleep Well

Even if you are very anxious and expectant, force yourself to get enough sleep the night before your marriage and you will find that it is the best beauty secret. Otherwise, the signs of tiredness will show up in the eyes, even on the skin and, therefore, no matter how much makeup is applied to them, the lack of sleep will be revealed through the lens. In fact, ideally they should try to get good two or three nights sleep before saying “yes.”

9. Enjoy!

Finally, while these tips will be useful to you, the most important thing is that you give yourself to the professional’s camera, relax and enjoy every moment. They will see that having a good time is the best advice they can apply for this experience and the result is that the photos will flow naturally and their happiness will pass through the camera.

With these tricks they will get spectacular images, where they will look happy and totally relaxed. And don’t forget that naturalness is key to making your album memorable. Of course, ensure that your photographer captures the decoration for marriage, and the headdress that the bride will wear in her hairstyle collected with braids, among other details.